Mission Statement
Westminster Presbyterian Church
Hattiesburg, Mississippi

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THE MISSION of Westminster

Westminster is a Spiritual Community that loves and follows Jesus.

  Our Mission is to T.L.C.: Trust God, Love People, Carry Christ into the World
We carry out this mission through six ministries of the church: 

   Westminster    Believes    God    Is    Sovereign    And Loving

       Worshiping God                                                             Worship/Prayer
         Belonging to one another                                               Fellowship/caring
            Growing spiritually                                                     Growing Spiritually
               Inviting people to join us                                         Inviting and Sharing our Faith
                  Serving Christ in Mission                                      Meeting Human Needs
                     Administrative Leadership                                 Personnel, Property, Stewardship      

      Individually, Christians engage in spiritual practices that build up their commitment and spiritual maturity.
      A good way to remember these commitments is:

       P o W e R        S u R G e

     P = Pray daily                                S = Serve within and beyond the church
     W= Worship Regularly                  R = Relate in regular Fellowship groups and Caring
     R = Read/Study the Bible              G = Give generously to the work of the church

    (Based on the Rev. Michael Fossís book, POWER SURGE)



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Updated 06/16/2010