Westminster Presbyterian Church
Rebuilding by the Grace of God

Updated 09/11/2013

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On Sunday February 10, 2013, a powerful E4 tornado (winds up to 170 mph) ripped through Lamar and Forrest Counties,
demolishing 600+ homes, churches, and businesses, and damaging hundreds of others. This was our church's status at the time:


The morning after the tornado, February 11, 2013..                                                                            First Sunday after the tornado--a meeting and a prayer for our devastated church building.
(Photos above, courtesy of Chris Maul)

Now we are in the process of recovering and rebuilding
by the Grace of God and lots of help from others.

Recovery will require restoration, renovation, and expansion.
When finished, it will closely resemble these architectural renderings by Larry Albert:
West side:                                                                                                                            East side:


Birds Eye view:

To view Westminster's proposed 20 year site plan, click here.
This plan is subject to modification.

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